AECO Systems Inc. has central station monitoring and running service or remote monitoring. Our monitoring service is committed to answering all calls with a live person within 2 rings. They are an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and Factory Mutual approved facility that has been providing high-quality monitoring nationwide since 1978.

Our facility can meet all of your traditional needs for security and fire alarm monitoring. In addition, our Interactive technologies support integrated voice, video and access control monitoring services.

National Alarm Computer Company (NACC)

Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems

The fire alarm industry is constantly changing and AECO Systems is dedicated to staying on top of the latest technology and code changes. Through reliability and attention to detail, we have forged relationships with Bay Area fire officials. These relationships allow us to avoid the red tape that is often associated with the permit and inspection process.

AECO Systems provides a range of services that is uncommon in the fire alarm industry. From design to installation to final inspection and ongoing maintenance, AECO Systems does it all.

Security Systems

The technical staff at AECO Systems takes pride in their ability to "pull the rabbit out of the hat". We welcome difficult security problems as an opportunity to put our collective experience to work. On a recent project our staff designed a system that secures three miles of chain link fence that knows the difference between an intruder and a roaming animal.

Elevator Emergency Phones

When an emergency telephone is activated, our central station will answer the call within two rings. Using caller ID, our central station operator will know exactly where the call is coming from and can take appropriate action even if the caller cannot communicate. Our service allows the customer to specify who will be contacted in an emergency and allows complete flexibility to make changes.

Interactive Video Monitoring

Interactive Video Monitoring (IVM) services offer an alternative to on-site monitoring, response, and administration of security and access control tasks previously provided by on-site personnel. IVM can provide surveillance on scheduled or activity basis.

Events are digital video and audio event recording by secure Internet to current time and archived. Photo can be e-mailed upon request to our customer or to police.

Mobile Monitoring

With mobile monitoring, the valuable asset can be any vehicle, asset, person or pet. The beacon communicates location and status information wirelessly via web-base interface to determine the appropriate response. In addition, our customers can access their own monitoring portal and can locate any beacon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet.

We also offer a cell phone with GPS so you can call for help at the touch of a button if you are not able to communicate.

Two-Way Voice

It is a modern technology that allows our customer to communicate in the event of an emergency without having to use a telephone. In an emergency, the activated alarm automatically dials to establish two-way voice contact with a trained dispatcher who verifies the alarm or need for assistance. It is hands-free, it's personal, and it's live.

Two-Way Voice also provides faster response times for confirmed emergencies, real-time verbal confirmation of potential false alarms and additional peace of mind and protection our customer and their property.

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